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How do I get paid?

To make sure you receive the money for your artwork you will need to ensure you have included your PayPal email address within your company details settings. If you do not have a PayPal email address, you will need to set one up. 

As according to the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, your customers have a right to cancel an order from the moment the order is placed up til 14 days from the day your customers receive the order. For more information read here

We pay all sellers one month in arrears. The reason for this is that we have an obligation under the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 to refund any purchase made 14 days after receipt of goods. So we have to wait until we are outside of that period before paying you profits.

If something takes up to 2 days to produce, then up to 5 days for postage then it could be up to 21 days until we are outside of that period. This means we pay you for all sales in November at the end of December, all sales in December at the end of January etc. If we did not do this, and we paid you sooner, we could lay ourselves open to someone gaming the system.

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