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Premium framing

View our collection of premium bespoke handmade frames at theprintspace and find the perfect frame for your artwork. 

At theprintspace, we believe that bespoke framing solutions should be specific to each body of work to ensure the frame compliments the image. Our fine art framers understand the requirements for conservation picture framing of Photographs and Fine Art artworks.

Each one of our frames is handmade and made to measure to your artwork, which means you do not have to stick to standard photographic sizes or A-sizes, you can print and frame any size or format you wish.

There are numerous places to buy off the shelf ready made frames, however, these will generally be standard frame style and only in  photographic or A-sizes. Also when the art artwork is fitted in the frame, it will be touching the glass, which is not recommended.

We offer different framing styles such as standard frames, Box frames, Float frames and Tray frames amongst many other options. see our website for more details on these.

In our standard frames, if a window mount is not being used, we will place a small fillet in the frame to keep the artwork away from the glass. This is important to ensure the artwork does not stick to the glass if there is any moisture in the air/environment where the frame is on display.

All of our frames will be taped and sealed at the back of the frame.

When choosing a natural wood frame there are many different finishing options that we can apply for wax and shellac to a hand sprayed finish with closed corners. This is where the corner joint is completely invisible.

There are also several options of glass that can be used to increase the archival properties of the frame, Low reflective Art Glass, Conservation Clear and Museum Glass which offers the ultimate protection.

With the numerous frame options, artwork presentation and glazing options available, there are a number of decisions to be made. We recommend you come in and meet with one of our expert picture framers so that we can ascertain the framing solutions to meet your requirements and budget, ensuring every aspect of the frame design is the best it can be, and supply you with a quote.


Standard Frame

standard framing examplestandard frame example



Box Frame

box frame examplebox framing example



Float Frame

float frame examplefloat framing example



Tray Frame

tray frame exampleTray Frame example


Low reflective Art Glass

low reflective art glass


Conservation Clear Glass

conservation clear glass


Museum Glass

museum glass


If you would like to learn more about the premium framing options we provide further, please click here to see the variety we offer.

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