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Dry mounting substrate options

Mount Board is ideal for presenting your artwork to the highest standard. theprintspace offers a wide range of materials for mounting. 

At theprintspace some of our dry mounting materials are considered archival and will ensure your artwork’s longevity, however, others are not classed as archival and are more suited to short term applications.

dry mounting example

More affordable and non archival dry mounting options including: Display Card, Foamex PVC, Foamboard and MDF contain contaminants including acids that cause degradation to the composition of the print over the longer term and therefore not considered archival forms of dry mounting.

The more pro-grade mounting options including: Acrylic Reverse, Aluminium and Dibond are considered completely archival and ensure your prints stability over time.

The table below gives you an overview of the mounting materials and their technical properties.

mount board types


If you would like to learn more about our dry mounting substrate options we provide, find out more here.

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