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Archival mounting

At theprintspace we offer archival mounting that ensures your prints will not degrade over time when mounted onto the correct substrate. 

Mounting has many benefits for a photograph or fine art print. The mounting process ensures the print is uniformly flat, making it easier to view, handle and exhibit. This makes it far less susceptible to damage over time.

The added support of the mounting substrate ensures the paper doesn’t bend curl or crack which can happen if prints are stored rolled or in archival print boxes.

True archival mounting is a technique of mounting a fine art or photographic print to a substrate that will not degrade over time and ensure its longevity. Archival mounting ensures no contaminants are introduced with the materials employed in the mounting process that will cause degradation of the artwork.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about our archival mounting options, please call us today or come into the studio in Shoreditch.

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