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What happens with invoicing for sales?

Sales invoices are an essential part to your company and therefore need to have your own branding added. We ensure this happens in thehub. 

We invoice the customer, it has your name and brand on it for reference purposes only but we make it clear that the invoice is legally from us. The sale is not contractually by us but we handle the invoicing just to ensure that sales tax (VAT) is correctly accounted for. It has our company registration and VAT numbers on it. So the amount you have to account for is the net profit we pay you, not the amount invoiced to the customers.

If you are UK VAT registered we will pay you the VAT on your profit so you can account for the VAT correctly. There is a place to enter your UK VAT number on print sales > my print sales > company details. If you do not supply us with a valid UK VAT number we pay the VAT to UK Customs & Excise.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about invoicing for sales, please call us today or come into our Shoreditch office.

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