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Need help with setting up print pricing?

When you set-up print sizes [link], you are also able to change the price of your prints for sale.

To do this, select the image(s) you would like to price and click print sales pricing.


Then you will see this screen:

You can now type in the desired price for the print. Take into account the size of your print and whether or not you are going to list it as an edition. If you would like to find out more about how to price your artwork, click here to read our guide. [link] 



creativehub then calculates the net profit (profit minus the cost of the print, our handling is free of charge!) so you can see how much revenue you will be paid.


  • You can also add another print size at a different price, if you wish. Click here to do so:


This feature allows for up to 10 different print sizes and prices of the same image. Click save to proceed. Read how to start selling your prints here. [link]


  • To price multiple images in the same go, select the images you wish to price, then click ‘print sales pricing’ in the same way.


You’ll be able to click an option which says ‘Save for all identically shaped images’, which if clicked will bring you to this page


Asking you to confirm whether you’re happy with these settings applied to the images pictured.

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