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How do I create a microsite?

Creating a microsite through thehub gives you the power to display and share your artwork, even without creating a website. 

To create a microsite go to images > select the images you wish to add to your microsite > click on create microsite

thehub create a microsite

Images by Martina Paukova

Click on “lets go” and you will be taken through an easy set-up process, which looks like this:

create a microsite

Images by Martina Paukova

You will then be taken to the edit screen of your microsite, which looks something like this:

microsite styling settings

Images by Martina Paukova

Here you are able to set the microsite settings, including the title and description. You also have the ability to edit the font used in your microsite as well as the font and background colour. You have the option of displaying your images in either a Galleria or Column style. 

If you wish to make your images for sale, then you can click on 'Edit' on the image sale settings and set the prices for your images. 


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