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Shall I upload with colour profiles on?

We recommend that you upload your original files with the Adobe 1998 profile attached, to make sure you will be 100% satisfied.

The best profile for uploading is Adobe 1998. We make the conversions ourselves to the paper profile for the paper you're printing on. Of course, should you wish, you can soft proof your image first (look on-screen) in Photoshop with any of our profiles so you can see what they will look like when printed on any of our papers. However, even after soft proofing, we still recommend that you upload the original file with the Adobe 1998 profile attached.

You can download our profiles from our main website, Go to product > printing and scroll to the bottom of the page to find them.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about our colour profiles, please call us today or come into our Shoreditch office.

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