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Hanging fixings for framed artwork

We offer a selection of framing hanging options for you to choose from including: D-Rings & Chord, Mirror Plates and Strap Hangers.

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  • D-Rings & Chord
  • Mirror Plates
  • Strap Hangers


D-Rings & Cord

2 D-Rings are screwed to the back of the MDF with a cord tied between them. This can simply be hung on and screw head or Nail on the wall.

This method is recommend for artwork up to 30x20"

d-rings and cord example


Mirror Plates

2 Mirror Plates are fixed to the back of the frame, 1 each side, approximately a 3rd of the way down from the top


To attach this to the wall, hold the artwork in position and level then mark the wall through the holes with a pencil. For large artworks this may be a 2 person job.

Where the marks are on the wall, drill and raw plug the wall. Once this is done, hold the art work in position on the wall and screw through the mirror plates from the front to secure to the wall.

This method is recommended for frames up to 40x50"

Please note that the raw plugs and screws are not supplied.

mirror plates example

mirror plates example

Strap Hangers

2 Strap hangers are fixed to the back of the frame, 1 each side, approximately a 3rd of the way down from the top.

2 J hooks are supplied loose which need to be secured to the wall. The top of the strap hangers simply hook over the J Hooks to hold frame on the wall.

Strap hangers are a more stronger and stable hanging solution and ideal to use with larger heavier frames.

strap hangers example

strap hangers

theprintspace strap hangers


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about the hanging fixings we provide for framed artwork, please call us today or come into the studio in Shoreditch.

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