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Cropping and resizing in Adobe Lightroom

This guide explains how to crop and resize your images within Adobe Lightroom if you require specific sizes for your artwork. 


Part 1 - Cropping an image file in Adobe Lightroom

Part 2 - Resizing an image file in Adobe Lightroom


If you need a specific size print theprintspace recommends cropping your file in Adobe Lightroom prior to resizing and follow parts 1&2 of this tutorial. If however your image file is in the correct proportions / aspect ratio you can just export a new file at the desired dimensions and just follow part 2 of the tutorial.

Part 1 - To crop a file in Adobe Lightroom

Open Lightroom and in the Library Module go File > Import Photos and Video or click the Import button at the bottom of the screen

Cropping images in Adobe Lightroom


Locate the file or photo you need to crop in the source panel on the left hand side and press the Import button

Cropping images in Adobe Lightroom

Now go to the Develop module and select the Crop & Straighten tool

Lightroom Crop & Straighten tool


Click on Original next to the pad lock icon and select Enter Custom at the bottom of the drop down list.

Cropping images in Lightroom

Now enter the aspect ratio or proportions of your required print size and select ok. In this example we are cropping for a print size of 16 x 12 inches.

aspect ratio Lightroom

Move the crop size and location to crop your file as required using the grid. Greyed-out areas will be removed during cropping.

Select Done to crop your image and now your file is in the correct proportions.

Adobe Lightroom correct proportions


Part 2 – Resizing a file in Adobe Lightroom

Once you are happy with your crop you just need to export your file at the correct physical size for printing.


Adobe Lightroom export

In the Export Location

Select the destination where you want to save the file and select Put in a Sub folder and name that subfolder as required

In File naming select Rename to and use Custom name and in the Custom Text field add your desired name for the file.

In File Settings options

Select Image format – Tiff
Compression – none
Colorspace – Adobe RGB 1998
Bit Depth – 8 bits/component
Note -There are also options to export as JPEG just make sure you use the highest quality setting 100 for best results in print with minimal quality loss.

Now you can set the required image size in cm’s or inches for you print.

In Image sizing

CheckResizetofit >Longedge

Below select the Long Edge

In our example for 16x12 inch print the long edge 16 inches

Now enter the long edge dimension and select units as inches (in) and choose a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

export lightroom file

Now click the Export button and your image is ready to for print.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about cropping and resizing your images, please call us today or book a session. 

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