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Legal status in the print sales transaction

Understand your legal rights whilst selling on thehub and what you are entitled to exactly. Discover the benefits of selling via thehub.  

One of the great benefits of using thehub is that you are in complete control as the seller, not us. thehub is a software application that enables you to sell your art in a simple and easy way. All transactions are your transactions, thehub is a white label service so you can put your brand at the forefront of the transaction.

The only time our name appears is to enable customer service, delivery tracking and to reassure customers that an established trusted brand will be handling the print fulfillment part of the transaction.

We take no responsibility for the content of what is sold on thehub, our responsibility is simply to ensure that orders get fulfilled on time and to our high quality standards. If we receive complaints about the content of what is being sold, we will of course respond immediately.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about the legal status in print sales transactions, please call us today or come into our Shoreditch office.

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