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Branding on invoices

As an artist selling your work on thehub, you can create your own personally branded invoice which will be visible to your customers. 

When you sell prints using thehub, an invoice is produced by us on your behalf for your customer. Your logo and trading name will be included on the invoice for your branding purposes but this is not an invoice from your company, it is from ours. This enables us to comply with UK sales tax laws.

print sales branding

You must also tell us if you are a UK VAT registered company as this will affect whether we reimburse the VAT payable on your profits back to you. If you are not UK VAT registered then we will pay the VAT directly to the UK tax authorities on your behalf.

Upload your company logo by clicking on “choose file”. This logo will then be used on the invoice as seen by your customer. For a preview of what this will look like, click on “preview invoice”.

print sales company details

This is an example of what your invoice will look like. It includes your logo, your website and your email address as well as your customers’ details and exactly what they have ordered.

invoice example

From your customer’s perspective, this is what they will see after they have clicked on “buy print” on an image displayed on your website. Notice your logo at the top of the purchasing screen - the whole process is white-labelled, so as far as your customer is concerned, they’re buying the print from you.

buy print hub example

When you make a sale, we will notify you straight away. You can see the details of the sale and all previous sales by going into the “my sales” report. You can access this by clicking on “print sales” at the top of the screen, then click on “my sales”. Choose which dates you want to view, then click on “download customer data”.

print sales customer data


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about branding on your invoices and payments, please call us today or pop into the Shoreditch office.



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