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Upload images to creativehub

To start taking advantage of all the great features of creativehub [link] you’ll first need to upload some images.

To do this, first sign up to creativehub, or login to your account. To start uploading images, click ‘upload’


Then click ‘choose files’ and select the files (.jpg, .tiff or .png) you would like to upload from your computer. Note that the maximum upload size is 2GB (2048MB).



If you upload is taking longer than expected, please check your internet connection. Bear in mind if you have large files this could take a few minutes, you will be informed of the progress on screen.


Once your images are uploaded, you are now able to print, sell, swap and share them. Simply navigate to your image gallery by clicking on ‘Images’ (1) and select the images you want by clicking on them. You can see your selection in the toolbar (2).




Still have questions? Chat to us online! Just click the small blue bubble on the right hand side of your browser to start a conversation with one of our team members.

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