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Upload images to sell as limited editions

Step-by-step guide to upload your images to sell as limited editions into thehub. Set how many limited editions you have sold. 


After logging in, click on the images tab to select the images you wish to sell as a limited edition.



Sell limited edition prints of your artwork through thehub

Each of the images you have selected will appear in the bottom left panel for easy selection. In the same  panel on the right, Click on “print pricing”.


Add a retail price including VAT and ensure that it is above £0.01, your net profit cannot be negative (in the red).

Now ensure that you have made the print available for sale and click on the "sell as edition" tick box.


Select the number of prints in your limited edition collection and the starting number - useful if you have already sold some prints in the edition. And you can edit the edition settings on each image at any time if the edition is simultaneously on sale through a gallery or other outlet. When your limit is reached your customers will be shown that the edition has sold out.




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