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How to prepare your file for upload (text)

Step-by-step guide on how to prepare your files for uploading. Ensure your images are set at 300 DPI and are 8 bit prior to upload. 

When you are setting up your files in Photoshop (or other imaging software), you should set them up at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. To do this go to the image menu in Photoshop and select image size and enter 300 in the resolution box and select units pixels/inch. Once the correct resolution has been selected the file should also be sized to the physical print size you require. In the window enter the correct dimensions in inches or mm for the corresponding width or height of your print. Please bear in mind that making large prints from small files will degrade quality.

If you require borders: it is easiest to put them on the file itself using canvas size in the image menu.

Photoshop borders

You need to ensure your file is 8 bit. To do this in Photoshop you select Image then Mode then select 8 bit. Please be aware that we can't accept greyscale or Photoshop files, we only accept flattened TIFF or JPEG file formats.

Photoshop Image Mode

To flatten a file in Photoshop select Layer then Flatten Image.

Remove any additional image elements including paths, alpha channels or masks in the channel palette.

When saving down, if you are saving in TIF make sure the compression is set to none.

Photoshop compression

For internet orders we recommend using a Jpeg at maximum quality 12 as it will allow for much quicker upload of your file with minimal visual quality loss.

Photoshop Image Compression

For maximum colour accuracy download our print profiles from our website to soft proof and convert to the right paper profile. For information about this please take a look at the on-screen print proofing video: “preview your print”.

With B&W prints for best results we recommend to use default profile Adobe RGB 1998.

When uploading images for internet orders make sure it's in the right proportions and resolution. When placing Internet orders, borders can be created using the tool on the site but this can also be done manually prior to upload.

Photoshop Jpeg options


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about the best way to prepare your file, please call us today or book a session.

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