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Add one or more artist names, signatures and logo's to certificates and invoices

Now you can add artist names, signatures or logo's to one or multiple prints.

This is how you do it:

Click on print sales > settings. The "trading details" screen appears:

Add all your company details here. The logo you upload on this page will appear on invoices and payment pages.

Now click on "artist names and signatures" in the left hand menu:

Click on add new to type in the artist name. If you would like a signature to appear on a limited edition certificate - please upload it here.

Click on "save". You can "preview the certificate" to see what it will look like.

Add as many artist names and corresponding signatures as you wish.

Now click on "branding" in the left-hand menu to upload logo(s):

Again - you can upload as many logo's as you wish.

Now allocate signature, name and logo to each print by selecting: Images > select the image you want to assign information and click on the blue hamburger menu to select “image information”.

The following screen appears:

Select the artist signature and name from the drop down menu, then select the logo you wish to appear on the certificate accompanying the chosen print.

Click on “save” to complete the process.



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