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Connect thehub To Your Format Account

Step-by-step guide of how to connect thehub to your Format website, allowing your customers to buy your artwork straight away!

Upload the images you wish to sell on your website by pressing the “choose files” button and selecting your .jpg, .tiff or .png images. Note that the maximum upload size is 2GB (2048MB).

connect thehub to a Formatwebsite

Check all your images are uploaded by clicking on the “images” tab in the header.

use site connect to connect thehub to Format website

Each image you have uploaded appears with a little blue hamburger button in the bottom right-hand corner. By clicking on this button, a menu appears. Click on “print pricing”.

print pricing options in thehub

Select print type and paper first and choose between inches and mm.

site connect

To add optional borders click on “add” if you wish to add it to your print. For more help on adding borders, see the help section: selling art online > how to add borders to my print.

Now set the price you wish to sell the print at. This will be the inclusive VAT price total that your customers will see.

The retail price, print cost and handling fee (set at 10%) as well as the net profit is calculated for you. You will be unable to save this print if net profit is negative, so ensure that “retail price including VAT” is the amount you wish to sell at.

Tick the “available?” box to make the print available for sale.

If you wish to sell this print size as a limited edition – ensure you tick this box. We provide the limited edition information on the checkout process and supply certificates to all purchasers of your edition showing the edition number and total in edition. For more help on limited editions, see the help section: selling art online > how to set up and sell limited editions.

connect a site to format

Current # sold shows the number that you have currently sold in this edition. When you sell a print in your edition through the hub this number will increase automatically.

-        You can also sell prints outside of the hub and track the edition numbers and download a certificate here. Click on the icon to increase the number of prints sold in the edition where a print is sold outside of the hub. You will be able to print off a certificate for each edition sold in this way, to give to your customer.

-        Click on the icon again to decrease the number of prints sold in the edition where a print sold outside the hub has been returned to you with the certificate to be destroyed. We will automatically decrease the number sold if we get statutory returns of prints sold via the hub.   

# in edition is where you set the total number of prints that are available in your edition. Once the first print has been sold you cannot amend this as it has been sold to the customer on the basis of there being a particular limited number available, so please choose carefully!

If you wish to see what the certificates look like click on “preview certificate” and amend details or upload a digitised version of your signature (recommended) then click on “print sales” > “settings” > “artist name, signature and logo”.

And finally, click on the “save” button.

Another feature of thehub is the ability to set the same pricing features to multiple images:

select multiple images within thehub

Select all the images that you want to set pricing to and click on “print pricing”.

Set your print pricing for one image, as above, then, when clicking on “save for identically shaped images”, thehub will automatically assign the same print price settings for all those images. You also choose the option to “save for this image only”.

Now for the final part of the process: connecting your hub account to your website so that the images you’ve selected are available for sale. At the top of the screen, select the “Print sales” tab and then click on “connect a site”.

connect thehub to a Format website using site connect
Now click on “connect a new site” and click on “next”.

At the top of thehub navigation screen, select the “Print sales” tab and then click on “connect a site”. Now click on “connect a new site” and click on “next”.

thehub site connect feature

Now copy the JavaScript code. You will be posting this JavaScript into the header of your own website to connect it to your hub account. This will allow you to add 'buy prints' functionality to any images that match those stored in your hub account.

Log into your Format account and click on “settings”.

Format account settings screen

On the “settings” screen - scroll down to the bottom of the page to: “custom <head> include” and paste the code you copied from your hub account.

Click on “preview” and the “buy prints” lightbox now appears on your website for any images which you have uploaded and made available for sale on your hub account.

buy prints lightbox in Format website

You can see the list of websites and individual website pages your prints are available for sale by clicking on the “print sales” tab and then “connect a site”. If you cannot see your connected site, simply refresh your screen.

connect a site

You may also wish to have the same prints viewable on several pages of your website but have each one available for sale. To edit this: deselect any URL’s you do not want your prints to appear for sale.

If you can’t see the URL’s for a connected site - check that you have set prices to all the images you want to make available for sale and make sure the profit is set to at least £0.01. Only images available for sale will be visible.


When you sell prints using thehub, an invoice is produced by us on your behalf for your customer. Your logo and trading name will be included on the invoice for your branding purposes but this is not an invoice from your company, it is from ours. This enables us to comply with UK sales tax laws.

You must also tell us if you are a UK VAT registered company as this will affect whether we reimburse the VAT payable on your profits back to you. If you are not UK VAT registered then we will pay the VAT directly to the UK tax authorities on your behalf.

Upload your company logo by clicking on “choose file”. This logo will then be used on the invoice as seen by your customer. For a preview of what this will look like, click on “preview invoice”.


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about connecting your hub account to your Format website, please call us today or come into our Shoreditch office. 

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