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How to download limited edition certificates by uploading images to your hub account

Step-by-step guide to download your limited edition certificates in thehub without creating a microsite.

After logging in and uploading your images, click on the images tab (on the top menu) and select the image or images you wish to download a limited edition certificate for.

thehub limited edition certificate

Each of the images you have selected will appear in the bottom panel. By clicking on this, a menu appears. Click on “print pricing”.

print pricing options in thehub

First ensure that you have added a retail price incl. VAT, ensuring that the net profit is at least greater than £0.01.

retail price of your artwork in thehub

In the “# in edition” box - type in the total number of editions you want to make available at this size print. This number will appear on the certificate.

Now you need to ensure the information on the certificate is as you want it. Click on Preview certificate.

limited edition certificate

The default way we populate the “artist name”, “signature” and “artist logo” is from our settings panel. Please ensure all the information is correct, if not, then please click on “print sales” in the top menu and then “settings”.

Once satisfied, please return to the “print pricing” page and click on the black wheel icon under “current # sold”.

print pricing information

Check the boxes based on the number of editions sold. You will be able to download the certificates straight away by clicking on the appropriate “download cert” icon. Then click on “save”.

Once you have printed out your certificate you can manually sign it and give it to your customer, (unless you uploaded your digital signature in print sales > settings - in which case, you could send the certificate to your customer electronically).


If you would like to speak to one of our team members about how to make an order, please call us today or come into our Shoreditch office.

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