Mounting protects and shows your work in a professional way. Discover our mounting options, all available when you order a print from us.

Conservation and museum grade quality display options are only truly considered archival if the artwork can be easily removed from its conservation environment (frame or mount) without encountering or incurring any damage or degradation.

T-hinge and traditional Float mount - conservation mounting

For museum grade archival standards of conservation the artwork must not be put under pressure or glued into position on a backing board. At theprintspace we offer premium museum quality conservation mounting called hinge-mounting or float mounting, which is completely reversible.

Valuable or rare artwork can be book-mounted using mount board made from 100% cotton rag fibre and fixed in place with minimal archival tape.

Note with both of these methods the prints will not be perfectly flat but are completely reversible and are considered the most practical for valuable and one off pieces of art.

If you would like to speak to one of our team members about the reversible mounting options for framing we provide, please get in touch or come into our studio in Shoreditch. 

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