The creativehub Shopify app fulfils your art sales using the master file in creativehub. When you apply price/size to a file for the first time, we import this to your Shopify products list with a unique SKU code. We generate a unique SKU code for each size/variant you offer. The SKU is what we use to fulfil your order.

Once imported to Shopify, we allow you to customise the product, such as change the description, the title, add new images. You can also increase the price in Shopify above the price which is saved in creativehub. These changes do not affect the SKU code.

If changes are made to the variants in creativehub after the product has been imported to Shopify, such as a different paper type, borders added, or the size options are altered, the product in Shopify will need updating. This is because the changes made are equivalent to a new product, so a new SKU needs generating. 

To trigger these updates, within Shopify click on our app, then select 'settings' > ' Manual product import'. Then find the product in the list and click the reimport button.

Please note that this triggers a hard reset and will overwrite any customisation to the Shopify product. We recommend adding your product description/title to the creativehub file to save time. 

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