Firstly, you have to be a customer of creativehub / theprintspace. This means you must have made a print order online. 

Once you are, you get a unique referral code that you can send to friends, industry peers or colleagues. When they use the code at our checkout, they will receive 25% off their first order, up to €60.00. 

When they do use your unique code for their first ever order, they will now be counted as being referred by you. As soon as they spend anything with us you will start receiving print credit, equal to 10% of their first year’s purchases. This will be added to your account as they spend. 

If they have ever been a client of theprintspace / creativehub previously the print credit will not be earned. We need to ensure that referrals are genuine, and we have several methods for doing that. 

Also if you use our file sending or project sharing tools, and the people you send files to or share projects with start using our services the same referral benefits will apply provided they got referred by you first and they do not use a referral code at the checkout. Note, they do not need to use your referral code, just that they made an account as a result of you sharing some files with them, they made a first order and that they did not use someone else’s referral code at the checkout for that order.

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