Step 1: Create your Shopify store 

Go to and follow the steps to set up an account, then choose a design theme and customise your store layout. Alternatively, visit our partner and buy one of their themes that have been specifically designed for online art stores.

Visit the example store:

Step 2: Install the creativehub Shopify app

Whilst logged into your Shopify account, click the ‘Apps’ option from the main menu, then select ‘Visit Shopify App Store’. Search for creativehub and follow the installation steps. Once installed, your creativehub and Shopify accounts are synced. 

Step 3: Set the prices for your prints in creativehub

Log in to your creativehub account. Go to ‘Files’ and then click ‘upload’ on the right hand side menu. Select the files you wish to upload. Note that files for print must be 8bit and saved as either .jpg or .tiff (with all layers flattened).

Select the images you wish to sell in your Shopify store by clicking on the top left corner. Then select ‘Sell as print’ from right hand side menu. Select the size and price you wish to offer as well as the paper type. This page allows you to view the production costs as well as profit so you can be sure of your returns.

TIP: If you would like to sell your prints as limited editions, you can simply click on ‘Sell as edition’, set the edition number and don’t forget to hit ‘Save’.

Step 4: Set Limited editions and add your branding in your creativehub account (optional)

creativehub allows you to sell your prints as limited editions, which come complete with a certificate of authenticy baring your digital signature and logo. As a true white label service you can also have your logo on the packaging your print will be shipped in. 

To set these up, select the ‘my art store’ icon at the top right corner of any page.
Then click ‘Store settings’ and here you can upload and configure your certificate and packaging details.

Step 5: Add a payment card so we can fulfil your print orders 

When you sell a print in your Shopify store, the customer pays you the full amount via your chosen payment method (configured in Shopify’s main settings). We then debit you separately for the production costs plus the flat rate shipping of £5+VAT. You’ll need to add a bank card to your creativehub account for this. To do this, select the ‘my art store’ icon at the top right corner of any page. Then click ‘Payment settings’ on the left hand side menu.

Step 6: Import products to your Shopify products list

Once prints are priced in creativehub, these will be listed in the creativehub Shopify app ready to be imported to your Shopify products list. To get to the app, login to Shopify, click 'Apps' then select the creativehub app.

The list of products in the creativehub Shopify app is a live record of the master files in creativehub and the sales settings applied to the files. Each time the app is opened the list is refreshed. You can also refresh the list manually by clicking the refresh button.

This list includes details for:

  • Product: This is the name of the master file in creativehub
  • Variant: This is the size options applied to the master file in creativehub
  • SKU: This is the product ID generated by creativehub. We generate a unique SKU code for each variant and it is what we use to fulfil orders.

Next to each product is an ‘Import’ button. When clicked the product will import to your Shopify products list. From here, make available and you are ready to sell!

Step 7: Driving traffic to your store

Great, you are all set up with your new online art store! When a print sells, we’ll handle fulfillment and ship direct to your customer within 48 hours. Now it’s time to start thinking about driving traffic to your online store. There are many ways to do this and I’m afraid no quick fix, but there are certainly great places to start. We have written a free book that covers these topics and more. Grab your copy here

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