When you send files using creativehub you cannot recall the files or cancel the link to the files. This process is irreversible. (If you wish to maintain control over access after sending files, share them as part of a project, see below). 

However, when sending files using creativehub the link you are using to share your files is only available for a limited amount of time. If you didn’t make any changes to it the link will expire automatically after 7 days.

To read more about the expiry time of the link, click here.

TIP: If you would like to have full control of the link, you can share files as Projects (link). When sharing projects, you can set the permissions of the link to allow people to be able to download the files or just see them. In addition to this you can deactivate the link whenever you wish:

  • select the project,
  • click on ‘Share project’ on the right-hand side and,
  • select ‘Link settings’ and turn off the toggle in the 'Link permissions' overlay that opens.
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