creativehub gives you the option to send files with a watermark. A watermark is
a translucent layer of text on top of your images to protect the original from being used or copied without your consent.

To add watermarks to the files you want to send with creativehub, simply select the files and click on ‘Send files’. In the overlay that opens up, select ‘Settings’ in the top right corner and click ‘Add watermark’.

The showcased text for the watermark will be the name you have saved under your account details. To change or review your watermark go to your Account (the account icon in the top right corner) and select ‘Settings’ which brings you to your Account Details where you can review or change your First name & Last name.

You can also add watermarks when sharing a project. To read more about it please follow this link

Here is an example of how files can look like when adding watermarks:

It does take several minutes to apply watermarks to a large bunch of files, and in that time they will not appear on the link you are sending. If you do not see the files you have watermarked, wait for 2-3 minutes and refresh the page. 

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