If the files you are sending or sharing within projects are confidential, you should protect them by setting a password. Send this password in a different email to the link. 

To do this, select the files you want to share and click on ‘Send files’. An overlay will open, click on ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of the overlay. Right at the bottom, you’ll see the option to add a password to the link you are sharing by switching on the toggle by ‘Add password’. 

Make sure you send the password that you added to your files separately to the people you are sharing your files with so they can open your link.

In this section you can also:

  • Add watermarks to your images.
  • Choose when the link will expire, i.e. for how long the people you shared the link with will be able to view your files. 
  • Set the size you would like to send your files in. 

If you would like to read more about this please follow the link.

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