You can search for files using the search box at the top of the screen. There are
a number of ways that files search results are found, some only apply to images.

All files search results:

  • By file name: this will include misspellings and variations of filenames. 
  • By tag: you can search for any tags you have given to files, and we will also show tags that have similar meanings to the tag you have searched for.

Image search results. All of above plus:

  • Image content: With our great artificial intelligence powered search feature, you can search by the content of an image or video so for example objects, people, landmarks. You do not need to have tagged your images with the visual content to use this search as we use artificial intelligence for the search results.
  • Location: you can search for locations where photographic images were captured. This is based either on the image metadata or on recognisable landmarks in the images themselves.  

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