The difference between sending files and sharing projects in creativehub is: 

  • Files: When you send a file to a recipient, this is simply delivering them that file in high-res which might have been too large to email. They will be able to download these files or add them to their creativehub account. As a user when you share images you can select to downsize them to low resolution or send the original resolution versions. The sending of files acts like email, once they are sent you cannot recall them. 
  • Projects: When you share a project you can add or remove files from the project and this will update immediately so that anyone with whom the project has been shared will see these changes, so it is an ongoing share which means it’s a tool for collaboration. With projects you have more permission options; sell, print, rate, upload as well as download. You can revoke access to a project after it has been sent, by deactivating the link or removing or editing permissions given to individuals via their email addresses.
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