A branded file delivery page will help you create a professional way of presenting and delivering your projects, we offer this for free.

Adding your brand and logo to the project sharing in creativehub is very easy: 

Go to your account details by clicking the top right icon, then choose: 

'Settings' > 'Branded file sharing' 

Now you can upload your cover image and your own logo by clicking on the squares with a ‘+’ sign on them. 

For the logo, you will need to upload it from your computer. For the cover image, you will need to choose from your stored images in creativehub. Simply click on the ‘+’ symbol and choose from ‘All Files’ or from a specific project in the drop down list.

Additionally, you will be able to choose the cropping for both options ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’ so you have full control of what recipients will see when they get your files.

The optimal dimensions for the cover image are 1920×1080px. 

You can also preview the 'Branded file sharing' page and the email recipients will receive, you just need to click on the 'Preview Page' and 'Preview Email' buttons below.

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