If you would like to modify the permissions users have on a shared project, this can be done by selecting the project on the menu to the left and then clicking on 'Share Project'. You can also reach this point by selecting the project by ticking the small selection circle in the top left corner of the cover image in the ‘Projects’ overview, and then clicking on ‘Share Project’.

  • If you have shared the project via email, you need to click on 'Manage', located in the top right corner of the overlay. You will then see all email addresses you have shared the project with and, by clicking on the pen icon to the right, you will be able to change the permissions initially given to them.
  • If you shared the project via link, you can also alter the sharing permissions of the active link. All you need to do is go to 'Share Project' and click on 'Link Settings'. You will then be able to modify those permissions. If you want to revoke the link access use the link settings again and in the bottom left-hand side of the overlay you will see a toggle switch that says ‘Link active’ this will be set to on by default but if you click it will be set to off and no-one will be able to access the link anymore. Finally, click 'Save'.

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