To remove access to a project, click on the project so you are looking at the project you want to change the sharing access for. Then click on 'Share Project' and you have two options:

  • If you have shared using just the link, click ‘Link Settings’ and in the bottom left-hand side of the overlay you will see a toggle switch that says ‘Link active’. Click this to set it to inactive.
  • If you have shared by email, click ‘Manage’ in the top-right hand side of the overlay. If you want to remove access to specific users whilst keeping the project live for collaboration, you can individually revoke access by clicking on the bin icon next to their email address. If you want to remove access for everyone, just click on all bin icons. Here you can also edit permissions given to collaborators or add watermarks to images. To do this you just need to click on the pen icon (more info here).
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