Projects in creativehub allow you to organise bodies of work, for example you can create a project of a fashion shoot, an exhibition you had, organise your project by client name, or by year. 

The projects will be easily accessible on the left-hand side of the screen.

From organising your files into categories or projects with a cover photo of your choice, to sharing your project with others, using advanced collaboration tools with various access permissions (download/collaborate/upload/sell/print), commenting with a useful pin option or via individual messages to initiate a conversation / to-do-list with the person you are collaborating with (link). 

Projects can be used not only as a professional way of storing your artworks and ideas through innovative and friendly software, but also as an easy and smart way of sharing your work with others, including your personalised branding via a customisable delivery page (link).

When you send or share your project(s) you can add a watermark, a password, set an expiry time (7/14/21 days) and choose the size of the images (full size/online usage or thumbnail) (link).

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