When you share a project in creativehub, whether you do it via a link or through email, you can give the following permissions to the recipient:

  1. Download: This allows the recipient to download the files in the project. You can choose three different sizes to do this:
  • Full size: The image will be available to download in its full original size.
  • Online usage: The downloadable image will be 1200px on the longest side. This means the file will be smaller and faster to transfer.
  • Thumbnail: The sharee will only be able to download a small low res version of the file. (160px on the shortest side).

2. Collaborate: This gives the recipient the ability to rate and comment on the files in the project. Click here for more info on collaboration. 

3. Upload: Collaborators will be able to add files to the project.

In addition to these, there are also two advanced permission options that will only be available for those users you have shared with whom have a creativehub account. You can access them by clicking on the ‘Advanced’ button in the top right corner:

4. Sell: Users will be able to sell prints of the files in the project via creativehub’s Shopify app. Profits from these sales will be automatically split 50-50 between you and the seller. You can revoke this permission at any time. For more information on selling with creativehub click here.

5. Print: By selecting this option, collaborators will be able to order prints (at their cost) of the file via creativehub. There is no limit to the number of prints they can make (until such a time as you remove that permission of course). They will also be able to print them in any size and paper type they want.

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