There is no limit to how many files you can upload at a given time, rather there is
a maximum upload size of 100 GB in a single upload, which could be 1 or many files. 

Upload time is dependent on your internet speed and connection. Our servers can save the data as fast as you can upload it, but we suggest you do it in segments.

When you share a project in creativehub (link), whether you do it via a link or through email, you can give the following permissions to the recipient:

  • Download: This allows the recipient to download the files in the project. You can choose three different sizes to do this:

       - Full size: The image will be available to download in its full original size.

       - Online usage: The downloadable image will be 1200px on the longest side. This           means the file will be smaller and faster to transfer.

       - Thumbnail: The sharee will only be able to download a small low res version of             the file. (160px on the shortest side).

  • Collaborate: This gives the recipient the ability to rate and comment on the files in the project.  Click here for more info on collaboration. 
  • Upload: Collaborators will be able to add files to the project.

If you have multiple Terabytes of data that you would like to upload then we could send you a very large capacity drive to load your data onto, and send it back. We will then upload this directly to the data centre’s servers. 

TIP: All accounts have 5 GB of space included for free. We charge £8 per extra 1 TB per month and you get an £8 print credit per month, up to a maximum £40 (5 TB), which means that if you print with us, the storage is virtually free!

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