All your files stored in creativehub can be found in ‘My Files’. Within this section there are four sorting options for how your files are displayed, which means there are four different ways of organising your files:

  • By 'Name': Your files will appear in alphabetical order, either A-Z or, if you click on the arrow next to the sorting options you can reverse the order from Z-A.
  • By 'Date uploaded': This will give you the most recently uploaded files on top (or the other way around, depending on the arrow).
  • By 'Rating': Highest rated files, e.g. the ones with the most stars, will appear first or last, depending on the direction of the arrow icon.
  • By 'Recently viewed': The files you viewed or worked on most recently will appear first (or last, again, depending on the direction of the arrow icon next to it).

You can find and change the sorting options in the small toolbar in the top right corner above your files in ‘My Files’ or in ‘Projects’.

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