If you wish to change how your files are displayed in creativehub, simply click on the ‘Display options’ icon in the top right corner just above your files.

Here you can choose between four different viewing options: 

  • a smaller view of your images,
  • a viewing option that includes the titles,
  • a bigger view of your images,
  • a vertical list view of all images that includes the metadata such as title, file size, print size and date.

It is worth mentioning that images in creativehub don’t get cropped in any of the viewing modes except in the list mode (where you just see thumbnails). This way you can have a better overview of your stored files.

Additionally, you can also enlarge an individual image just by clicking on it, and if you click again when it’s in enlarged mode, it will go to full screen mode, very useful if you need to focus on that particular image.

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