There are two different ways to organise your files in creativehub.

  • When you upload your files, you can add them to Projects. This enables you to group your files around categories and use a naming convention of your choosing. For example, a project could be a fashion shoot, or street photography, or your files organised by year. The projects will be easily accessible in the side menu on the left-hand side of the screen (link). You will also be able to share projects and let people collaborate with them by adding comments and ratings (link).
  • You can categorise your files using tags. For example, you could tag files with a client name or a project name. When you add tags these are not seen by anyone else, even if you share the files or project. You can add as many tags as you wish to a file, and use whatever naming conventions you prefer.

If you would like to read more about how to add tags to your files, please follow this (link).

TIP: There is no need to add any tags that describe the content of images or videos as we will automatically add these using artificial intelligence, so when you search for images you can search by the content or style of the image.    

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