Ratings and bookmarks are both helpful tools that can be used for organizing or editing files. The difference between the two features is as follows:

  • Rating:

creativehub uses the 1-5 star rating system, 5 being the highest, 1 the lowest. This is a useful feature that can help with file selection and the editing process. So for example, if you are editing a group of images to make a selection you might give all the rejected images 1 star, then all the next least favourites 2 stars and by a process of elimination, you come to your favourites which are 4 and 5 stars. 

  • Bookmarking:

You can add bookmarks to files so you can easily find specific files at later date which you may have in mind for a particular project or purpose. You could also use bookmarks to mark your very best files from your entire archive.

It is important to know that neither bookmarks or your personal ratings are shared with others if you share the files as part of a project. However, when you do share a project you can let everyone you share with add their own ratings to the files, that only you can see. This helps get group feedback or for example when working on an edit with a client. 

Click here to read more about rating the files in the project you share. 

TIP: When you share the project, you can also choose what type of permissions would you like to give. To learn about sharing permissions, click here.

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