When you add descriptions to image in Creative Hub, these descriptions get imported into Shopify and will sit next to your products in your store. It is essential to add descriptions, people will be far less likely to buy prints that are not well described.

To add a description click on the info button on an image:


And then add your description here:

And then click save. In terms of tips for the description we recommend the following:

  1. Write in the third person. It works better in a range of situations and sounds more official and authoritative than first person descriptions
  1. Describe the process, the artwork and the background to how the image came about or the subject matter in the image. Ideally you could add some evocative language about the motivations of the artwork, however we would not recommend overly complex decontructions for this section, that would be better in a third party review in a magazine or on an art media site
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