To start selling work from the Art Catalogue you’ll need to have your Shopify store pre approved by us at creativehub. 

To request approval simply select the images you’d like to sell and we’ll get back to you at the latest within 3 days, but we aim to have an answer for you within 24 hours.

We do not enter into specific discussions about the reasons for this disapproval. However what we look for is:

  • A high standard store design with a good brand and a clear concept to the product mix
  • If you are selling products other than art, that the product mix you have fits with selling art
  • Detailed descriptions on other products you are selling
  • Clearly marked customer service contact details

If your store was password protected, not launched or the design was not finished and you would like us to take another look then please email me us at when you are ready.

Please be aware that this does not prevent you from selling your own art via our creativehub app. To learn about this please take a look at the “Sell Your Own Art” page on our app.

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