Whilst limited edition numbers are set and tracked in creativehub for Shopify print sales, returns of limited edition prints require manually updating. Example:

If you set up a print in creativehub with a limited edition of 100 and sell one of these prints via your Shopify store, your creativehub account will be auto updated when we print the order to reflect this. i.e the limited edition number will become 99 available.

However, when you issue a refund in Shopify for a limited edition print, this same reverse process is not automated. Shopify will ask you if you would like to 're stock the item', which you will need to do, but you will also need to go into your creativehub account and 'restock' the limited edition numbers.

To do this, log into creativehub, select the image in question and click 'sell as print' then click the limited edition settings to the right and un-tick the edition number sold.
Don't forget to click 'save' . You will undo the edition number sold as the certificate should have been returned to you along with the print before you make the refund.

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