If you are selling a print via the art catalogue, i.e. another store is selling your artwork, we send you an email every time you sell a print and this states if you have been paid sales tax (VAT) on top of the net share of the proceeds from selling a print (50% of the price you set less the print & delivery costs). 

If we have paid you sales tax it will be because you have told us you are sales tax (VAT) registered in your country of residence and we have calculated that sales tax (VAT) is due on the particular sale that has been made (it will not be due on every sale made by other stores, we will tell you either way). So, when we do pay your sales tax this is because you should pay this sales tax (VAT) to your country’s tax authorities, however of course we take absolutely no responsibility for you doing this correctly and in compliance with the local laws. If you do not tell us you are sales tax (VAT) registered then will not pay you sales tax (VAT) even when it is theoretically due, and we will not pay backdated claims. It is entirely your responsibility to set this up correctly and update it where necessary. You can learn how to do that here

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