Yes. As well as automatically collecting their share from you as we fulfil the order, we will collect the correct sales tax (VAT). We do this as we know the country you reside in (if we don’t we assume it), the place the print order is being delivered to and the country of residence of the artist. This means we know what the sales tax (VAT) liability of the artist is, and we will charge you that sales tax (VAT) on top of the artist’s 50% share of the net proceeds (after the delivery and print cost). If you add your country of residence and you valid sales tax (VAT) registration number in the creative hub then it may well be that this means the artist’s share then becomes sales tax (VAT) exempt so we really advise you to do this. To learn how to do this please go here

Please be aware that if the artist is liable to pay sales tax (VAT) in his/ her country of residence for the sale he/she has made via your store, we will will charge you this even if you have not charged your end customer the correct amount, which means you may end up with less than 50% of the net proceeds on sales if you have not set up your sales tax correctly in your own Shopify store. If you want to set up your own sales tax correctly in your Shopify store then firstly please find out the sales tax (VAT) rates and rules in your country of residence and visit the Shopify help section on tax  

If you are registered for sales tax (VAT) and we charge you the artist’s sales tax (VAT) liability then if the artist resides in the same country as you then usually you will be able to claim back the sales tax (VAT) as part of the regular process of submission of sales tax (VAT) returns. 

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