When we charge you for fulfilling a print sales you have made in your Shopify store we send you an email with a table in it that breaks down the charges as follows:

This breaks down the different elements of the charges for fulfilling your print sales. Firstly print cost, this is subject to the size of the print and we charge sales tax (VAT) based on the country of delivery. Likewise with delivery, which is a flat fee of £5 + sales tax (VAT) globally, whether we charge that sales tax (VAt) again depends on the country we are delivering that print order to. These calculations are based on the fact that we are a UK based company and are explained here 

The last part, the artist charge, is the share that is due to the artist (50% of the net proceeds, i.e. the proceeds less that print & delivery costs). We charge sales tax on this based on a combination of the location of the artist & the location of the store. The logic to these charge is here If you are located in the same country as the artist then and are sales tax registered in that country you will be able to claim back/ offset this sales tax (VAT)   

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