Sales can be tracked with ease in Shopify. As orders come in, they appear in your ‘Orders’ inbox. From here, you view and fulfil each order, with detailed order history as well as fraud alerts.

Shopify also has sophisticated analytics - this is a major benefit for using our app!

To view these, navigate to the ‘Analytics’ section in your Shopify homepage. From there, you can access three sources of sales information; ‘Dashboards’ ‘Reports’ and ‘Live View’

You can also track your sales using creativehub.

To do this, login into creativehub and click on the ‘my art store’ icon at the top right corner. Then click ‘store fulfilment’ on the left hand side menu. 

Now you have the option to download your sales history from a given time period, which you can update the in the ‘to’ and ‘from’ date range boxes.
This will be formatted in a csv file which you can view and save for your records.

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