With Shopify store sales you are the trader. This means the print sale transaction is between you and the customer. We act as the print fulfiller, meaning there is a separate transaction between you and us for the production costs.

This means refunds other than defected prints (see below) are at the discretion of you as the trader and your returns policy. If a customer requests a refund, for a reason such as they have changed their mind and do not want the print anymore, then choosing to refund them is entirely your discretion.

If you choose to, which we recommend within a reasonable time period (which should be clearly stated in your returns policy), prints should be returned to your address and once received you would issue them a refund from your Shopify account. The production costs and shipping charges we charged you on this sale will not be refunded to you, as this was a separate transaction. 

If a print is damaged, or the order is in some way defective, we will send a replacement print free of charge, and cover the delivery costs of a replacement. 

Alternatively, if the customer requests a refund at this point we will honour this. Once the print has been received and inspected at our studio, we will email you with confirmation of the refund amount to you (production costs). At this point, we also request that you refund the customer for the cost of the art sale.

Click here to learn how to return the prints along with any limited edition certificate.

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