When you make a sale in your Shopify store of a print from the Art Catalogue, you will receive the full payment from the purchasing customer.

We will then automatically debit you separately for the production costs along with the artists 50% share of the profits, leaving you as the store with 50% share of the profits. 

We pay artists their 50% one month in arrears in the form of a remittance note.

If payment for the production and artists share fails, you will receive an email notifying you of payment failure. The order will not be processed until payment has been accepted.

If you have not yet added a debit/credit card, you will receive an email notifying you that this must be added for the order to be processed.

To add/change your card details, simply login to creativehub and enter your details in ‘sell art prints’ > ‘sales settings’ > 'Fulfilment payment'.

Please note: creativehub’s default currency is GBP, therefore images will be priced in GBP. However, the currency that images will be sold in in your Shopify store is determined by you.

For full details on currency in creativehub please click here.

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