creativehub’s default currency is GBP, therefore you will price your artwork in GBP. However, the currency that your work will be sold in is determined by you. This is set in your Shopify account's admin settings.

If your Shopify currency is not GBP, we will convert the price of your products daily based on the international currency spot rate plus 2%. All conversions will be rounded up to the nearest 0.1 currency unit - i.e. nearest 10 pence, 10 cent etc.

We will always charge you for the print production costs in GBP. If your default currency is not GBP, this print production cost will be determined by the international currency spot rate on the date of the sale. The 2% added to the price of your product allows for the reduced conversion rate that banks offer compared to the international currency spot rate. This means that you will not loose profit when the bank payment for these print production costs is made.

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