Selling images from the Art Catalogue is very simple and there are 2 ways to do it:


Inside your creativehub account

Once you have installed the creativehub app and connected it to your Shopify account (full instructions on how to do that here) whenever you are logged into your account you can select images to sell in Shopify.

1. Navigate to "sell art prints" > "art catalogue" in the top toolbar.

2. Click on an image that you are interested in selling. This will open a pop up with details about the image.

3. Click "add to products" - The next time you log into Shopify the image will be in your products section ready to sell!


Inside Shopify

Open the creativehub app from the "Apps" section in the side toolbar of Shopify. (To find full details about installing the creativehub app click here).

1. When you are inside the Art Catalogue app in Shopify click on any image that you are interested in selling. (This opens an information box about the image including size, price and edition details).

2. Click “add to products”.

The selected image will instantly be added to your products list.

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