Yes, you can!

If you are selling the edition elsewhere, and want to ensure you don’t sell duplicate numbers, you have the ability to update sales numbers in creativehub to ensure you won't sell duplicate editions.

To do this, login into creativehub and click on ‘Files’ on the left hand side menu.

Then select the image(s) you would like to update by clicking on the top left corner of the image and then click ‘sell as print’ on the right hand side menu. (you will also see thumbnails of the selected images appearing on the right)

You’ll be brought to the ‘sell as print’ window. Now you simply need to update the edition number sold to reflect your true sales total.

Click ‘manage certificates’ and tick the correct edition number sold, as shown below.

You are also able to download and manually sign your certificate of authenticity to send your customers who have purchased your limited edition prints elsewhere.

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