At theprintspace we offer customers the opportunity to order test strip(s).
This allows you to see how your digital file reacts to your paper choice.
Tests strips are advantageous before committing to a large print or in testing your workflow for the first time. Many clients use test strips to check colour, density, sharpness and the impact from any enlargements made to the file.

Please see below our step by step by tutorial on how to prepare a test strip in Adobe Photoshop for print.

Remember to flatten any layers and make sure you save your file as a tiff or high quality jpeg format. For improved colour accuracy use our print profiles which you can downloaded here.

Once you have prepared your test strip, you just simply need to upload your test strip file to your creativehub account, select the paper and check out as if you were ordering a print. Our intelligent software will detect the test strip size and only charge you the test price. For a list of our test strip prices, please click here.

TIP - Finding it difficult to choose a paper? Why not order your test strip on multiple paper types, this will give you the opportunity to compare paper attributes; coating, texture, reflectivity and the way it represents colour.

If you would like to learn more about creating and ordering test strips at theprintspace? Get in touch.

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